Review Respond Resolve

Dispute Resolution and Organisational Consulting Services

Principal Director: Helen Poropat    

0418 980 979




 ​Objective:  To contribute leadership, energy and commitment to the development of a customer driven culture that drives sustainable and measure benefits for businesses while adding public value. 

My goal is to provide a safe environment for people to discuss sensitive issues, their aspirations, goals and needs that facilitates: Improved communication, 

Clear goals and expectations, 

Shared values,

Collaboration within the workplace.



Review Respond Resolve can help in a range of issues including: dispute resolution, coaching, operational and strategic reviews and stakeholder and community engagement.  


Since 1994 I have been providing dispute resolution services across many varied types of disputes and complaints and  Industries. 

My services have seen the successful completion of staff and client reviews  improving service delivery, enhancing staff and management interactions and the introduction of quaity assurance processes and practices.  

About Me


A highly experienced leader that specialises in dispute resolution, stakeholder engagement and building a highly valued reputation across the Not for Profit sector along with driving business improvements and delivering on measurable outcomes.

A proven track record with over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of dispute resolution services. This has included the provision of specialist services in dispute resolution, implementation and management of multi-disciplinary teams, dispute systems, corporate social programs and the development and management of Boards and Committees.